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Hairdos over the years; What were they thinking?!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Some of us may have had "crazy hair day" as kids as a fun and quirky way of showing off our personalities, creativity, and childlike spirit. It's easy to find more of this online as many content creators are eager to share for clicks and fame. Hair can now be any color under the sun, it can be sculpted into any shape imaginable, and images can be shaved directly into shorter cuts!

Luckily hair tutorials and access to information will help us all stay well-groomed and on-trend, but have you ever looked back at some of your parents' photos (or even your own photos) and laughed out loud, "What were they thinking?" Here are some popular crazy hairstyles of the past.

Beehive- If Marge Simpson did anything for the world, it was keeping the beehive hairdo around far longer than necessary. Not even a dying bee population would want the beehive hairdo back! What were they thinking?

Mullet- Business in the front, party in the back a la the now indelible Tiger King, the mullet is far closer to a trainwreck than a party. There’s no business class in a mullet, it’s just a commitment to bad haircuts. What were they thinking?

70s Bob- The mushroom cut was popular long enough to be immortalized on Lord Farquaad in Shrek. If a sniveling coward of an animated villain doesn’t tell you how bad a haircut this is, you might just need a mirror. What were they thinking with this?

80s Rocker Do- Glam rock groups like Poison and Motley Crue really embraced the bad hair game back in the day. But most of them have come around to a more sensible, manageable hairdo. What was Whitesnake thinking?

80s Perm- The poodle hair look really only works for the characters in 101 Dalmations that want to match their dogs. Outside of a dog owner, the 80s perm is all work and no play and definitely something we can leave in the 80s. What were they thinking?

Victorian Sausage curls- Aka the Marie Antoinette Pouf, these sausage curls sure look more sausage than curl in today’s world. For such an indulgent and luxurious woman of ‘culture’, Marie Antoinette sure has an awful hairdo! What were you thinking, Marie?

Powdered wigs- Still used in legal court in some countries, the powdered wig just doesn’t hold up beyond a court-room. What were you thinking, Mozart?

Bowl cut- Possibly a still-decent option for younger kids, the bowl cut with the flat bangs is a classic look for the low budget cut. A true DIY gem that makes Lloyd Christmas the dumber of the dumb duo. Bowls are for salads, mom. What were you thinking?

Punk Mohawk- Spiked or fanned, the mohawk was a statement louder than any spoken word could convey. What in the world were we thinking?

90s Frosted Tips- Sometimes confused for top ramen, how could we do this to ourselves? (Justin Timberlake was most iconic for this in his early days.) The men's ombre of the 90's and 2000s.

Rat tails- Similar to a mullet, a rat-tail is at best an attempt at evoking Viking culture. Mostly it is aptly named, making everyone around the wearer uncomfortable. If the wearer isn’t uneasy themself, others may think their taste is ratlike too! What were they thinking?

Of course, this is just our opinion of crazy hair. The folks of their time clearly loved it, and maybe you do too! Many who loved their hairstyles then now feel a bit of regret over it and have come to us to have the hairstyles rectified! So if you look back and see picture day as a bad hair day and don’t like what you see, have no fear. We can help!

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