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Updated: May 13, 2020

We’ve all been there. We got new photos finished or restored and we’re excited to show them off. There are so many approaches to displaying them that we might get overwhelmed. Is it something we can work into our current set-up? Do we need to get new frames? Should I overhaul everything and start from scratch entirely? Whatever you decide, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Make templates of the photos/frames first-- Easier to move and to hang, templates will give you an idea of the size of the photos in your preferred arrangement. And using sticky-tac or tape you can move them multiple times without damaging your walls. You can nail right through the paper templates to make sure it is positioned correctly.

Decide your color palette-- Your photos and frames can contrast with the color/theme of your room or match up directly, but you’ll likely want all of your photos to coordinate with each other.

Choose a theme -- Is the room based solely on colors and shapes, or perhaps you would like to add some visuals of your favorite places and things. Think about landscapes, or motion. Maybe a piece from your favorite artist or artwork of your own! Keep it traditional with portraits of your family, or go vintage with some images of your ancestors.  If you come across images you would like to include, but maybe they are small or damaged, you can utilize photo repair and retouching services like ours to refresh the look of an old photograph, or change a current photo to match with the colors or themes you are imagining.

Below are some options on display themes and styles.

  • Simple: Few photos, very modern. If you have a select few you plan to keep up as decorations, this might be to your tastes.

  • Color-coordinated: Coordinate frames, colors in the photo, all black and white photos. The colors can contrast with the room, or be on theme. For example, if you have a lot of blues and greens, beach landscape photos might fit with that.

  • Gallery Style: Many photos, but very symmetrically placed, usually in simple and consistent frames.

  • Collages: Floor-to-ceiling collage, no-frames collage, shaped collage, mosaic collage.

  • Framed (hanging): Matching, eye-catching or eclectic, different sizes and shapes, matte, shiny, corner frames, patterned, multi-photo, overlapping.

  • Framed (upright): Frames can be upright on shelving, desks, ledges, or window frames. Can be staggered at different depths, or leaned against the wall evenly.

  • Canvas: Unframed or framed, different sizes, similar options to hanging framed photos.

  • Metal or glass: For a more chic and modern look, it is becoming more common to print on thin sheets of metal and glass. Bring a little sparkle and shine to the room with this novel printing approach.

  • Wood: A more rustic approach calls for natural materials like wood. You can also find many places that will print straight on wood, or there are plenty of DIY photo transfer projects to find online.

  • Tech: Digital photo frames, projected images, digital album. Many digital frame options look similar to standard frames but can be pre-loaded with photos or connected to a flash drive with however many photos you’d like to cycle at a predetermined speed.

  • Unconventional: Mosaic forming another photo using multiple photos, clothesline picture display, rotating frame tree, tiles, non-paper print (wood, metal, glass), non-frame display (jars, bottles).

  • Custom items: Photo clocks, blocks, globes, luminaries, coasters, albums, books, pillows, blankets and throws, placemats, keepsake boxes.

Combining approaches can work well also, it just depends on how many photos you have for displaying and if you have a theme or design in mind. If you’re hanging pictures or standing them on a shelf or table you can find a variety of options. You can have a larger center photo as the focal point with smaller, similar photos branching off or you can have uniforma displays with photos all the same size.

Several websites can make suggestions for your photo displays based on your preferences, themes, or room size that may help you if you’re stuck. Like with any home improvement DIY task, have fun with it and take breaks! As long as your photos aren’t being damaged in the process you can always try something else later!

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