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The Greatest Photo Gifts You Ever Imagined!

Updated: May 13, 2020

You've just downloaded your ‘after’ image of your photo repair! Congrats! Now what? Are you just going to let that digital image sit on a flash drive? No way! Get creative with sharing your newly restored masterpiece with some great photo gifts! These are just a few ideas of course, there are plenty more!

Photos on socks

Put your face on a pair of socks. Put your kids’ faces on a sock There is no item of clothing more fun to customize than A PAIR OF SOCKS. They can be hidden by your pants until you sit down and Peek-A-Boo! There’s your smiling face. Santa putting  your kids’ faces on their socks and putting those socks in the stockings? 

Bobble heads

You don’t need to be a celebrity or sports hero to have your  face on a custom bobblehead!  Create the perfect gift for the bobblehead fan in your life, or a personal memento for yourself. Are you nodding your head 'yes'? These bobble heads are!

Face stickers

In today’s world photos can be converted to CUSTOM STICKERS quickly and seamlessly to have a personalized gift or flair for a scrapbook, school binder, fridge, envelope or card.

3d card prints

No wizardry needed here! These magical pictures employ an older technique called stereoscopy to make your pictures pop and move. A simple but flashy upgrade to a standard still photo, 3D CARD PRINTS make a great gift to share a memory with.

3d crystal cubes

Create an everlasting keepsake from a simple photograph by converting from 2D to 3D into this lovely CRYSTAL CUBE. Another gifting favorite, these beautiful cubes breathe new life into your photo.

Reveal pillows

Pillows often become the accent pieces in a room. What better way to bring some style to your sofa or loveseat than a PERSONALIZED PILLOW? You can have a picture-only pillow or a pillow that is a blank slate that reveals a photo from reversible sequins.

Saint candle

Everyone has access to cheap saint candles for any event, but a PERSONALIZED CANDLE mixes it up in a fun, new way. Some sites allow matching sets, two or more different items, and allow customization of the images you’re adding to. Saint yourself!

Personalized M&Ms

Did you know you can PERSONALIZE M&Ms? Not just a single letter anymore, you can add your own designs to these classic chocolate candies. A fun surprise at any get together. Don't forget you can also choose from a huge variety of colors to coordinate with any event; wedding, birthday, baby shower, and more!

Personalized s'mores

You can slap your favorite PHOTO ON MARSHMALLOWS   to make your own customized s’mores treats! Prank your friends with a less than appetizing photo, or burn your buddies literally and watch their faces melt in your fire!


For your next office party or bachelor/ette party you can convert photos of your friends and workmates into CUSTOM COOKIES. You’ll never forget which cookie is yours, it’s even more personalized than labeling your cup with a sharpie!

Playing cards

No card collection is complete without a CUSTOM DECK OF PLAYING CARDS with a classic poker face expression on the back. Make Go Fish  a reminder of that big trout you caught that summer with your family or make Old Maid a joke with your friend’s photo on the back!

Board games

Guess Who is basically boring if you’re using the cartoon faces out of the box. Have a blast taking photos of yourself and your friends in various costumes, accessories or editing hairdos and accessories in your favorite software to make a personal PHOTO version of the BOARD GAME.

The ideas don’t stop there. The options are as endless as your imagination. Poker chips, dominoes, dart boards, underwear, t-shirts, mugs, wall tiles, etc can all be elevated with personal or family photos. No one will steal a ping pong paddle with your picture on it!

And if you’re into more traditional photo displays, check out our blog on how to display images in your home for a bunch of helpful tips and ideas.  Once you restore, retouch or recreate your photo, there is no limit to new fun photo products!

For professional assistance with any photo restoration, retouching, or recreation, please visit us at

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